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Purple Girl Studio Shoot


Second part of my shoot with Miss Scarlett Vinxen and PurpleGirl in Middlesex University photo studio

Scarlett Vinxen Studio Shoot


Here are photos from my photoshoot with Miss Scarlett Vinxen that happened aaaages ago

Hip Hop Sequence by Grace


Hip hop. Its not just a dance. It is pretty much a lifestyle. Whole culture. Music, dance, clothing, graffiti/arts? And Grace, my dancer for the shoot did amazing job to showcase hip hop awesomeness.

Ballet Sequence by Rachel


Ballet is type of dance, that doesn’t require much lots of outfits or expensive dresses and still looks amazing. Performer can wear just lycra or some body fitting top + bottom and can do amazing performance. Just like the model I photographed for this project. ­čśÇ

Designer Corset Shoot


3 models, 2 make up artists, 1 corsets designer and me All together in one really cool photoshoot during the summer. It was really difficult to put it together, but the result is awesome ­čśÇ

Black Sheep Design Fashion Range


3 models, 1 make up artist and 1 designer. Suitcase full of clothes (big suitcase!) and one afternoon to photograph it all. Jump in to see results.

Mister Dee Photoshoot


I photographed quite a few different clothes designs by Mister Dee Designs a while ago. Sometime in April But, because it was on my back log, I forgot to post it for a while. So here are the photos.

Sneek Peek: Corsets Shoot


Corsets. Plenty of them. Big team that brought all of it together. Here is result.

Sneek Peek: Pinky Hair Alt Shoot


Pink Hair shoot. Nope it has nothing to do with Race For Life

Sneek Peek: Black Sheep Design


Sneek peek from a shoot in a Brunel University studio with Black Sheek Design designer.

Sneek Peek: Gina’s Fashion Range


Here is sneek peek of a fashion range shoot I did few days ago.

Rebecca Beauty Shoot


Here is full gallery of beauty shoot I did with Rebecca.

Sneek Peek: Rebecca Beauty Shoot


Here is a sneek peek of a beauty shoot I did with Rebecca before my holidays.

Sneak Peek: Grace – Hip Hop Dancer


So, I have been working on something for a while … A little project I did in November, but was left in editing folder for a while. I was doing it bit by bit.

Rosie Studio Corset Shoot


One of the shoots I did in 2011. I didn’t posted it earlier as I was busy with editing other stuff, which will come out soon. Anyway, see inside the rest of the photos.

RAG Naked Calendar 2012 – Women


Guys, I present you with ladies version of RAG Naked Calendar 2012. You may have to wait a 2-3 more weeks until its finished, but I promise you it will be worth it.

RAG Naked Calendar 2012 – Men


Ladies, I present you a RAG Men Naked Calendar 2012. Well, not entirely. ITs just and advert. Little sneak peak of what is coming up in January at Brunel University.

Brunel Swimming Team


Brunel Swimming Team. Got wet and cold in studio, but┬ámanaged┬áto keep smiles on their faces. It was fun shoot and went quicker than expected. Plus we┬ámanaged┬áto run out of water. which was surprise as I had about 3 litres prepared. I didn’t expected to use it all, but well, since┬áthey┬álike water, its not such a […]

Sneak Peek: Brunel Swimming Team


Meet Brunel Swimming Team. Here is a little peak from their studio session. With water. And water sprays. And even more water