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Purple Girl Studio Shoot


Second part of my shoot with Miss Scarlett Vinxen and PurpleGirl in Middlesex University photo studio

Ballerina in the Snow


I love photographing dancers. Ballerinas, hip hop, jazz ones. This time I had pleasure to photograph amazing Cecily on the snow. Yep. In cold. See yourself inside (lots of images) 😀

Sneek Peek: Bianca Portraits


I haven’t done a sneek peek in ages, but since I had no time to write a blog post, here is a little preview  

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Iron Man


The grand finale. The last post everyone was waiting for. Iron Man inspired shoot. And it was quite a big one

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Mass Effect Part 2


The biggest and most awesome shoot I ever did at expo. Pretty much 30 characters from same game, Bioware people on site hanging out with us and great atmosphere 

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Mass Effect Part 1


The post everyone was waiting for. Well, at lease people that took part in the shoot + their friends and family 😀 The massive Mass Effect shoot. 😀

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Vocaloids


Here are pics from my session with Vocaloids girls. A bit darker side of them as I was told. Still, came out really good

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Pandemonnium


I like to photograph groups of cosplayers that dress themselves in a theme. It looks more impressive, when there is a number of characters from e.g. Batman or Mass Effect, instead of one lonely Joker running around. 😀

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Cats


Meow! I think they are my most favourite cosplay ever! So cuddly and fluffy and the costumes are simply wow! 😀

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Batman Villains


Everyone loves Batman and its Bad Guys and Girls and Monsters. I love all Batman related cosplay and this year had really good cosplayers. See it yourself.

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Corpse Bride


Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride animated movie is a classic. I have seen it ages ago and was really surprised to see this cosplay at the expo.

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Assassin’s Creed


Assassasin’s Creed photoshoot. In cold, darkness of the day, just shortly after sunset. And in the great numbers. Whole Brotherhood showed up and it was a blast!

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Steampunk


I love Steampunk. I think its awesome idea, the costumes are brilliant and this group did amazing job on getting all the props and costumes detailed.

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Movie and Games


Here is 2nd post from MCM Expo featuring Movie and Games characters. Quite a few photos, plenty of good cosplay and full of awesomeness. Oh, and that photo above? Its me in Dishonoured mask 😀

MCM Expo 2012: First Round


MCM Expo. AnimeCon. Biggest cosplay event in London. Even better? Happens twice a year 😀 Here is first post from controlled madness.

Eurogamer 2012


Here is the last post form Eurogamer. It was one hell of event. Busy. Full of like minded people. Few cosplayers, but they had really high standard of their costumes and put a lot of work in recreating them.

Pinky Alternative Shoot


Say hello to Pinky the Model It was a shoot that took some time ago and well it was unconventional fun

A Few Group Ones From Middlesex


Here is final and the last series of images from Graduation 2012. Both at Brunel and Middlesex Universities.

Sarah’s Graduation Portraits


Here is final graduate from Middlesex University that posed in front of my camera for portraits. Sarah’s graduation session was unexpected, short and fun.

Yanuska Graduation Portraits


Here is second portraits session at Middlesex University. This time it was Yanuska and her lovely parents.

Raluca’s Graduation Portraits


I haven’t taken graduation portraits only at Brunel University. I had a visit on Hendon Campus at Middlesex University to photograph a dear friend of mine, Raluca. Plus her family and friends as well  

Craig’s Graduation Portraits


Here are portraits of Craig. One of my best buddies from university. It was a blast to photograph him and his family. 😀

Mariana’s Graduation Portraits


Here are portraits of my girlfriend, Mariana. She graduated this year after completing her masters studies

Ian’s Graduation Portraits


I have known Ian for quite a while. He and his friend Theo, whose graduation portraits are coming up in a sec, were first senior students that I met at Brunel. They even helped me move into the halls. And we stayed friends and in touch ever since.