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Open Mic #16

Another night of warm atmosphere, cocktails and great live music. 🙂

Open Mic #15

Memories. You often forget lots of stuff, situations, encounter with people etc. But photos last for much longer. Unless you destroy your HDD 🙂

Open Mic #14

Its exams time for me, so today will be just an Open Mic Night post 🙂

Open Mic #13

Unlucky no 13. But in this case it was the best live music night we had in ages. Why? See inside yourself 🙂

Open Mic #12

Dissertation is done. All assignments submitted and only exams left. I have about 7 more Open Mic night posts that happened months ago 🙁

Open Mic #11

I haven’t posted live music photos in quite a while. Sorry! I have been busy with assignments and had no time at all. 🙂

Open Mic Night #10

Yes. Cocktails. The best way to try new things, new flavours and colours. And they taste even better with live music 😀

Open Mic Night #9

Another night another live music performance 🙂 I don’t think I need to introduce this post any longer 😀

Open Mic Night #8

Welcome back into 2013 🙂 Here is first post from Open Mic Night that happened few weeks ago. It was really good. See yourself inside. 

Open Mic Night #7

One of the best Open Mic Nights ever. Not because I had a chance to get photo taken with microphone, but because we had great performances.

Open Mic Night #6

Photos from few weeks back. Plenty of new faces, few regulars and great songs. Oh, and one guy sang Disney songs as well 😀 It was soo good. 🙂

Open Mic Night #5

5th night of live music and great atmosphere 🙂 As always great student acts with plenty of talent and even more charm 🙂

Open Mic Night #4

Time for photos from Open Mic Night. Another night of great performances, few new faces, plus some “old dogs” playing every week 😀

Open Mic Night #3

Live music night no 3. You know the deal: live bands, solo artists, great atmosphere on Sunday night. 🙂

Open Mic Night #2

Open Mic  no2. It was as good as ever. Plenty of acts on the night itself. Plenty of audience. Even two students that graduated last year, came back to play on the night 🙂

Open Mic Night #1

Hello again 🙂 It is difficult to keep this blog up to date. Not because I have nothing to post or content is not good enough. Simply, there is too much going on all the time on my end 😀

We Fight Dinosaurs @ Barfly

Here is the last post from Barfly series. It was the last band to perform there. 🙂

TR8TR @ Barfly

TR8TR was the best band performing at the Barfly. I think whole energy came from lead singer of the band. She had great voice and plenty of energy 🙂

Silence On the Floor @ Barfly

Here are pics from Silence on the Floor band playing at Barfly. Its special band for me as a friend of mine used to play drums in this band.

Dave Giles @ Barfly

Here are photos of great Dave playing at Barfly. It was real pleasure to watch him play as he did a really good job entertaining young crowd.

14 Car Pile Up @ Barlfy

A while ago I photographed few bands in Barfly. Little, cosy and cool venue in Camden Town, London. Here is the result.

Tinashe @ Hoxton Bar

Tinashe was the last performance I photographed at Hoxton Bar. It was really energetic. The band did a show with super positive lead singer and crazy topless drummer 🙂

Lauren Pritchard @ Hoxton Bar

Hoxton Bar. Bar like no other. Great food, athmosphere, location. Oh and they do music events. Quite often. During one of them I had a pleasure to photograph Lauren Pritchard and her performance.

The Ryan O’Reilly Band @ Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

The Ryan O’Reilly Band is a band singing folk rock and soul music.  They gave very intimate show at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club. They even stepped out of the tiny stage to play amongs the crowd.