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Photoworkshop Results #1


Workshop? Like teaching session? Yes It happened and it was quite fun. See it for yourself.

Sneek Peek: Bianca Portraits


I haven’t done a sneek peek in ages, but since I had no time to write a blog post, here is a little preview  

Designer Corset Shoot


3 models, 2 make up artists, 1 corsets designer and me All together in one really cool photoshoot during the summer. It was really difficult to put it together, but the result is awesome 😀

Pinky Alternative Shoot


Say hello to Pinky the Model It was a shoot that took some time ago and well it was unconventional fun

Sneek Peek: Pinky Hair Alt Shoot


Pink Hair shoot. Nope it has nothing to do with Race For Life

Purple Girl Shoot


Here is gallery from a shoot with Purple Girl. Not-your-average-type-model. This shoot was cursed by rain, but went through as planned. Enjoy.

Sneek Peek: Saskia Photoshoot


Another sneek peek from recent photoshoot with Saskia in the Hyde Park.