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Hip Hop Sequence by Grace


Hip hop. Its not just a dance. It is pretty much a lifestyle. Whole culture. Music, dance, clothing, graffiti/arts? And Grace, my dancer for the shoot did amazing job to showcase hip hop awesomeness.

Wacking Sequence by Lisa


Here comes the Lisa “Hooch Hooch” Awesome wacking dancer in my 2nd series of Dance Sequence images.

Dance Show 2012


Photos are finally here And I hope it was well worth the wait. It took me a while to get them done, because there were soo many of them

Waacking dancer Lisa “Hooch”


Meet Lisa. A waacking dancer, co-funder and dancer of Re-T Crew and great person in general.  

Grace – Hip Hop Dancer


Here is a selection of images with Grace, Brunel student and dancer. She showed her skills in front of my camera for Art of Dance project.

Sneak Peek: Grace – Hip Hop Dancer


So, I have been working on something for a while … A little project I did in November, but was left in editing folder for a while. I was doing it bit by bit.