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Ballerina in the Snow


I love photographing dancers. Ballerinas, hip hop, jazz ones. This time I had pleasure to photograph amazing Cecily on the snow. Yep. In cold. See yourself inside (lots of images) 😀

Hip Hop Sequence by Grace


Hip hop. Its not just a dance. It is pretty much a lifestyle. Whole culture. Music, dance, clothing, graffiti/arts? And Grace, my dancer for the shoot did amazing job to showcase hip hop awesomeness.

Ballet Sequence by Rachel


Ballet is type of dance, that doesn’t require much lots of outfits or expensive dresses and still looks amazing. Performer can wear just lycra or some body fitting top + bottom and can do amazing performance. Just like the model I photographed for this project. 😀

Rebecca Beauty Shoot


Here is full gallery of beauty shoot I did with Rebecca.

Waacking dancer Lisa “Hooch”


Meet Lisa. A waacking dancer, co-funder and dancer of Re-T Crew and great person in general.  

Grace – Hip Hop Dancer


Here is a selection of images with Grace, Brunel student and dancer. She showed her skills in front of my camera for Art of Dance project.