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Purple Girl Studio Shoot

Second part of my shoot with Miss Scarlett Vinxen and PurpleGirl in Middlesex University photo studio 🙂

LSCC: Captain America

Here is gallery of Captain America photos that quite a few of you have been drooling on Facebook during the past few days 😀

LSCC: Assassin Creed

Here is a little cosplayer you may know from my previous posts. For example from Fallout one or even earlier than that from massive Assassin’s group shoot 🙂

LSCC: Adventure Time Armed

Say hi to Kieran and his version of Adventure Time. Armed. With guns. Really heavy ones. 😀 

LSCC: Rose

I present you “Rose”. Its a character? Custom made costume or outfit? 🙂 It looks cool anyway 🙂

A cool bike – Happy Friday!

A little mechanical beauty. Really cool one and finished by hand with superb attention to detail 🙂