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MCM Expo Oct 2012: Iron Man


The grand finale. The last post everyone was waiting for. Iron Man inspired shoot. And it was quite a big one

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Mass Effect Part 2


The biggest and most awesome shoot I ever did at expo. Pretty much 30 characters from same game, Bioware people on site hanging out with us and great atmosphere 

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Mass Effect Part 1


The post everyone was waiting for. Well, at lease people that took part in the shoot + their friends and family 😀 The massive Mass Effect shoot. 😀

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Vocaloids


Here are pics from my session with Vocaloids girls. A bit darker side of them as I was told. Still, came out really good

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Pandemonnium


I like to photograph groups of cosplayers that dress themselves in a theme. It looks more impressive, when there is a number of characters from e.g. Batman or Mass Effect, instead of one lonely Joker running around. 😀

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Cats


Meow! I think they are my most favourite cosplay ever! So cuddly and fluffy and the costumes are simply wow! 😀

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Batman Villains


Everyone loves Batman and its Bad Guys and Girls and Monsters. I love all Batman related cosplay and this year had really good cosplayers. See it yourself.

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Corpse Bride


Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride animated movie is a classic. I have seen it ages ago and was really surprised to see this cosplay at the expo.

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Assassin’s Creed


Assassasin’s Creed photoshoot. In cold, darkness of the day, just shortly after sunset. And in the great numbers. Whole Brotherhood showed up and it was a blast!

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Steampunk


I love Steampunk. I think its awesome idea, the costumes are brilliant and this group did amazing job on getting all the props and costumes detailed.

MCM Expo Oct 2012: Movie and Games


Here is 2nd post from MCM Expo featuring Movie and Games characters. Quite a few photos, plenty of good cosplay and full of awesomeness. Oh, and that photo above? Its me in Dishonoured mask 😀

MCM Expo 2012: First Round


MCM Expo. AnimeCon. Biggest cosplay event in London. Even better? Happens twice a year 😀 Here is first post from controlled madness.

Sneak Peak: MCM Expo London Comic Con 2011


Here is little sneak peak from MCM Expo that I attended few days ago. Now, I am busy editing all the images (2 300+ photos take, shortlisted to 700 unique portraits). So, enjoy this little sneak peak and more photos coming soon. I promise. Really soon. Just need to increase coffee intake and speed up […]