Here is most of the gear I use for my work, both clients and personal.



Canon 5D mkIII. I have 2 of them, so I don’t have to change lenses too often. Good resolution, low noise in dark situations, good focusing speed. Must-have full frame. And it does good quality video, too. Pretty much all around camera.



Canon 50mm f1.2L USM. One of the best 50mm lenses out there. Great bokeh, bigger than your standard 50mm f1.8, but delivers great results. My 2nd most used lens.

The Beast. Canon 85mm f1.2L II USM lens. The biggest and heaviest 85mm lens you can imagine. Its great and has excellent bokeh and performance. If it could focus faster, then it would be perfect. Its my most used lens and I love it.

Canon 135mm f2L USM lens. Its quite exotic lens. Bokeh looks like from zoom lens, but it is a prime. Delivers great looking portraits. Also, it is much lighter than 85mm one.


Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II USM super wide angle zoom lens. This lens is one of the best wide angle zooms out there. Can only be matched, and beaten, by Nikon 14-24mm f2.8G one. Light, great results every time.

Canon 70-200mm f2.8L II USM telephoto lens. Good focusing speed, great for indoor sports. Some people use it for portraits, too. I prefer primes, but it is very useful, especially for events and weddings 🙂



My little family of Canon 580ex II flashguns. I have 4 of them. Good for portraits and events, but at some point I will need to get bigger and stronger lights. Maybe AlienBees or Einsteins? We will see 🙂



Storage. Plenty of it. I have few cards from Sandisk Extreme range and Transcend ones as well.


This little ThinkTank Pixel Pocket Rocket (super long name) is great to store all the cards. Fits perfectly in the pocket and it is excellent little gadget to make sure that you won’t lose any cards again.



Canon batteries. Times 3. Double that, because of 2 cameras. So, it makes 6 in total. Enough power for whole day of photography or even video. I can charge one battery, while using another one and have 3rd one fully ready and waiting. Also, bit of white camera tape and numbering the batteries is one of those life hacks, that helps a lot. Each battery has a name on the bottom as well, so I can see, which battery is inside camera without removing it.


AA and AAA batteries. AA for flashguns and AAA for flashgun wireless triggers. The only problem with them is that recharging from flat takes good few hours. So, for photoshoots on locations or events, I simply need to bring more. All stored in plastic cases. Life hack no.2: if tape is on case, batteries are fully charged. If it is off, need to recharge them before use. Simply, but effective 😀



To make sure that my photographs are properly exposed and have the right colour tones, I use this ColorChecker Passport. It has neutral grey for proper white balancing and colour cards as well. Great tool for post processing.


These are colour gel filters for flashguns. Little, efficient and super portable. One of the best accessories out there from HonlPhoto. Must have for its usefulness and design. 🙂



Rocket Blower. Great for cleaning up all the little corners of camera sensor and lens, too.

Grey has very delicate fiber and it is very soft. Ideal for cleaning lenses. Blue cloth is great for wiping camera from water or other dust.


Silica gel. Absorbs water, moisture and protects your lenses from fungus or any moist. I have few of them in my camera bag at any given time. 1 each in each pocket. Small, cheap and great.



BlackRapid strap. The most comfortable strap ever.

Little Black Book. In this book, I sketch down ideas, note down light set ups and any other useful information, that I can relate to it later.

Multitool. Useful to cut out some unwanted grass/branches for shoot on location, mount a tripod plate and much more.

Gaffer tape. Black, silver, white. All of them are useful. Fixing costume that is falling apart on location, marking camera and lenses and much more.