Cafe de Paris: Aestheticism Show


Final set of images from Aestheticism Show. All the models in their glory with awesome wigs and hair designs and great styling. Oh, and ladies there is something for you there as well Few male models took part in this show, too.

Cafe de Paris: Aestheticism – BTS


Behind the scenes of hair and fashion show in the Cafe de Paris. This post features images and nearly completed outfits ready to go on the stage

Cafe de Paris: Aestheticism – BTS Toni&Guy


In 2012 I had a pleasure to photograph Cafe de Paris hair show for the 2nd year running. It was even bigger and better than last year. Here are photos from Behind the Scenes. 😀

Adrenaline @ Excel Centre


If you like horse riding, equestrian or anything related with horses and circus, then this show was one not to be missed. Why? Hmmm …. fire + horses + riding horses standing + much more 😀

MMTD and BMTD Final Projects Expo 2012


MMTD and BMTD things again I guess in few more posts you will get used to it, like I did. Anyway, here are the photos from the showcase of final year projects in 2012.

Olympic Torch @ Brunel University Campus


The flame came and went through Brunel on the way to Olympic Stadium. And that was one busy day!

FACE 2012


Photos from FACE 2012. Week of sun, music, arts, performance, cold drinks and more. What else you need? Oh yeah – friends

Faces of FACE 2011


Here are some portraits from last year’s FACE festival at Brunel University.

Tattoo Portraits @ The Great British Tattoo Show


Here is the post that some of you have been waiting for a while. Events portraits. Of people of curse. Full of ink on their bodies

Tattoo Artists @ The Great British Tattoo Show


Here is gallery full of tattoo artists @ Great British Tattoo Show. Skin deep in their creations

Sneek Peek: Portraits @ Great British Tattoo Show


Here is a sneek peek from portraits that I took, while visiting tattoo expo @ Olympia in London.

Sneek Peek: Tattoo Artists @ Great British Tattoo Show


Here is sneek peek from Tattoo Show I went to few weeks ago. Here is some documentary-type photos of tattoo artists at work in the middle of an expo centre.

Dance Show 2012


Photos are finally here And I hope it was well worth the wait. It took me a while to get them done, because there were soo many of them