Motion Graphics

Social Media and Security Infographics


Social Media. Its everywhere. It follows us and even it is in our beds. By having mobile phone with you, you are constantly connected to massive network of information about yourself, your friends and everything in between.

Infographics Screen Capture #2


“What is Social Media?” That is pretty much first sentence to my infographics animation.

Inforgraphics Screen Capture #1


Here is my screen capture of my infographics in-the-making. I recorded my screen using Camtasia software and then increased whole speed to 20 000. Why? Otherwise, video would be couple of hours long

Storyboard for Infographics Assignment


Here is my storyboard for my motion graphics assignment Took me good few hours to draw out all the ideas but at least its done and ready to animate.



Triune – consisting in three in one. Trinity. Three pieces to make one. Mysterious? Its the name of short movie I did with Andrew Thomas Corbett.

Target: Destroyed


2nd practical exercise with After Effects in my Advanced Motion Graphics lab. Quick 11sec animation that gave me headaches.

Zombie Apocalypse Infographics


Here is quick result from my Advanced Motion Graphics class at Brunel University.

Behind the Scenes Intro


Here it is. My intro for “Behind the Scenes of: …” Well at least thats one of the first frames and you can see only dust

Sober Titles


Sober titles. Based on Pink lyrics. Sounds weird? Confused? Well, then see inside what is it all about.

Brunel Dance Show 2012 Titles

Brunel Dance Typography_00126

Brunel Dance Show 2012 is coming. And its looking to be a very big one. And here are the titles.

Twinkle twinkle …


… Little Star … Here is a little practice motion graphics I did yesterday night. Playing with After Effects and few resources to create something relaxing and simple.

Follow the White Rabbit

Final Composite_00030

Remember the Matrix? The Martix? The movie that stopped bullets and showed cool kung fu? That means you are the 90s kid