Art of Dance – Hip Hop

I always was fascinated by dance. The art of movement to the rythm of music, expressing yourself through dance, celebrating important events by dancing. Even impressing your partner with dancing skills survived decades and today is regarded as one of the best methods to impress opposite sex 🙂 But anyway, back to the project. Ages ago, I watched a video on Chase Jarvis blog, where he captured skiers in the flight. Every stage of the flight was “frozen”  in time. It looks spectacular and amazing.

I decided to do something similar. On a smaller scale. 🙂 I used 2 flash guns, Nikon D3s, 14-24mm f2.8 lens and wireless triggers to capture a friend of mine, Grace, doing poses and jumping in front of the camera. Then I used photoshop to put everything into place. Here is the result. Many thanks to Grace for her patience as it took a little while to get everything right. 🙂

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