Social Media and Security Infographics

Social Media. Its everywhere. It follows us and even it is in our beds. By having mobile phone with you, you are constantly connected to massive network of information about yourself, your friends and everything in between. But how much data is generated every minute? What are the risks?
These are the questions I was trying to answer by creating this infographics. It was a final year project for Advanced Motion Graphics class.

It was challenging project as I had to gather quite a lot of data and process it as well. Luckily for me, my of social networks provide this data for free on their websites. It is a type of self promotion or ego boosting. “Look at me. I’m YouTube and 1billion people watch my videos every day.” or something like that 🙂

All the data was accurate 3 months ago, but now it is probably 30% higher in some cases 🙂

Tech stuff:

  • every graphics was done in Illustrator
  • all the animations were done in After Effects + quite a lot of expressions were used
  • music from
  • voiceover by a friend of mine, Alysia 🙂
  • render time: without motion blur – 40min. With motion blur 3hrs on 4 different computers 🙂