Photoworkshop Results #1


Workshop? Like teaching session? Yes 🙂 It happened and it was quite fun. See it for yourself.

So here is the story. At Brunel University there was no proper photo society until December 2012. Then we finally got together and started one 🙂 So, bellow are results of our first workshop. Special thanks to Bianca for posing the whole time. Check out her Facebook page here.

How it was done? Simples. Meet. Talk photo/gear. Photograph each other/models. Repeat as often as we can. 😉 Below are results from our first meeting.


Above portraits were taken by myself and edited in a way to reassemble old style Kodak/Polaroid films. Colours/contrast/white balance is not 100% accurate, but I just wanted to give it that different look from crispy clean images you see everywhere. Except on Instagram 😉

Also, would you believe that images above were captured in library? Yep. In one of the library meeting rooms. We tried to book ourselves a space to sit and talk, in the last minute and we had to use library for our meeting. Turned out perfect. Well, not so perfect with lighting, but at least it pushed us to use what we had available.

Here are other 3 photographers that came to the meeting: Adhil, Tushaar and Ahmad. It was great to hang around with you guys. 🙂

Quote of the night:

Me: “Can you hold the Wind Machine and aim it at Bianca’s face please?”
Adhil: “You mean the desk fan?!”