LSCC: Hellboys


Say hi to Little Hellboy 😀

This little fella saw me photographing Big Hellboy (photos below) and I could tell that he was fighting with his shyness to ask if he can have a photo, too. So, I did the first step and ask if I could have a honour to take a picture of his costume 🙂

I am pretty sure it made his day as you can see from his smile 😀 His parents were happy, too 😉 Hopefully we will be able to see him back at next Comic Con maybe in Hulk costume?


1 thought on “LSCC: Hellboys

  1. thanks for uploading the photos of me! by the way I am little hellboy! your photography is great and I hope too see you next year as well! thanks a lot from Harry (AKA little hellboy!) 🙂

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