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LSCC: Batman and Villains

The last post from first day of London Super Comic Con. What is the better way to finish it off, than with epic photos of Batman and Co? 😀

LSCC: Rose

I present you “Rose”. Its a character? Custom made costume or outfit? 🙂 It looks cool anyway 🙂

LSCC: Spawn

Say “Hi” to Spawn. One of the coolest costumes at the convention. 😀

LSCC: Xmen

Quick post featuring 2 X-men characters: Gambit and Female Wolverine 🙂

LSCC: Marvel Comics

Here are some pics from Marvel Universe 🙂

Open Mic #13

Unlucky no 13. But in this case it was the best live music night we had in ages. Why? See inside yourself 🙂

LSCC: Hellboys

Say hi to Little Hellboy 😀

LSCC: Film

Today’s post will feature few characters from well known films. Can you name them all?

LSCC: Fallout

In the previous post I included a hint about whats coming up next. Did you guessed it it was Fallout cosplay? 🙂

LSCC: DC Comics

Here is selection of DC Comics characters. 😉 Not all of them, but maybe one day, I will get to photograph them all. It would be a very long day ….

LSCC: Batman Villains

Few people remember that I went to London Super Comic Con in February, but I was unable to edit them until now. 🙂 See inside for some cool cosplay pictures.

Open Mic #12

Dissertation is done. All assignments submitted and only exams left. I have about 7 more Open Mic night posts that happened months ago 🙁

Catwoman in the Basement

Few weeks ago I published a post featuring Emmy as a Catwoman on top of the roof of a hotel in Central London. In fact, what you saw, were not all the photos we created. Here is 2nd part of the session 🙂

Photoworkshop Results #1

Workshop? Like teaching session? Yes 🙂 It happened and it was quite fun. See it for yourself.