Brunel RAG Bungee Jump 2012


Here is a view of Brunel Campus that you don’t see often. And you don’t see it for too long as well. Why? Well, there is a video that will show you what happened 3 seconds later πŸ˜€

Every year Union of Brunel Students is helping to run RAG (Raise and Give charity) that supports local and national charities or places in need. Its mainly run by students and every year they do tons of crazy events that helps them raise money. To name few? Last year they did Towel Run, Naked Calendar, Casino Night, Take Me Out and much much more. One of the main events is Bungee Jump in the middle of the campus.

I did this bungee jump myself. Its quite scary. The crane wasn’t that tall. About 4-5 floors maybe? Maybe a bit more? You go up as high the crane goes, then the person that supervises whole thing at the top counts down “3 … 2 … 1 …” and off you go flying down πŸ™‚ The jump is scary. But what is scary and unexpected is that after first jump, rope stretches and then pulls you back up. Really up. Then you have “2nd Mini Fall” and another. That is a mini heart attack for everyone πŸ˜€

Enjoy the screen grabs and video at the bottom πŸ™‚

Β Video:

Tech stuff:

  • GoPro Hero 2
  • 5d mk3 + 24-70mm lens
  • Handheld Sony camera
  • Sound from
  • Edited in Premiere CS5.5 and slightly graded
  • Plenty of adrenaline