Inforgraphics Screen Capture #1

Here is my screen capture of my infographics in-the-making. I recorded my screen using Camtasia software and then increased whole speed to 20 000. Why? Otherwise, video would be couple of hours long 🙂

Progress so far:

  • basic animation is complete i.e. all the expressions and artwork is in place and animated (it works!)
  • after I finished first step, I sliced whole voiceover into smaller pieces and syncronised whole animation to each piece
  • next step was to take all the small pieces into “master” comp and aligned them so they form 3 minute long video


Why everything is dull and in basic colours?

I wanted to keep rendering quick and fast, so I could see what I was doing on the fly. My next stage will be adding all the colours and little details to whole animation.

Screen Capture Video: