Infographics Screen Capture #2

“What is Social Media?” That is pretty much first sentence to my infographics animation. 🙂

I have been busy creating this infographics and I had no time to do anything else. To show you what I created here are some stills from the video itself.
All the little details make it “pop” 🙂 When I created whole piece, it was black, grey and white. I wanted to get timing and animation right, then do colour design later. This allowed me to keep my preview speed hight and quick and focus on improving general animation. Once it was completed, it was the case of tweaking design, to make it look right.
It was great fun to work on this piece. Well, I enjoyed doing design and colouring work more than animation itself, but it had to be done 🙂 So, here is pretty much the process how I did the colour design on above image:

  • get hexadecimal colour code from facebook logo and apply it do background layer
  • create copy of background layer and darken it “a bit”
  • apply mask to darkened layer, so it hides middle part and shows only corners
  • diffuse the mask by feathering out edges
  • reduce dark layer oppacity
  • add film grain to whole background (move it to top layer and set blending mode to overlay or soft light
  • add blur filter to mask from darker layer – it will blur the corners of the background
  • add soft drop shadow to facebook logo and all the other elements
  • play with shadows and opacity until you get right look 🙂

And that was pretty much it. It is all about fine details, such as diffusing “vignette” and adding film grain. Without all this the image was simply “empty”. Below, you can see quick video from my screen capture of the whole process.