Catwoman on the Roof in London

This photoshoot took quite a bit of organization. I had to deal with 2 different people (model and location scout) to get it all together. It was challenging, but results are awesome 😀

Ok, so lets start from beginning. The Catwoman is Emmy aka FairyPorchQueen Cosplayer. I photographed her few years back at one of my first visits to MCM Expo. Then fast forward to 2013, we started talking about possible photoshoot together. I really liked her catwoman costume and we decided to create something together.

Actually, we were supposed to have a Van Hellsing photoshoot together with Emmy dressed as Anna from the movie. However, her costume needed some repairs and extra work, so we settled on Catwoman from Arkham City.

Once date and theme was set, I needed location. Something unique. I did not wanted to create something average or on plain black background portrait. You can make them look good and complicated, but I wanted to have proper location photoshoot. I contacted a friend of mine, Sebastian aka Sestian (suddenly, everyone has nicknames) and he offered to  help. He managed to arrange for us to get on top of the hotel in Central London and into underground parts as well (post with photos from Machinery Room will come up soon).

Also, special thanks to Anna Psylocke for assisting on the day, helping out and preventing umbrella from taking off an flying away into London skyline.

I guess that should do for now in terms of writing 🙂 Enjoy the photos. I will write 2 more posts (Machinery Room and Behind the Scenes/How To). So, stay tuned 😉



Techy bits:

  • 5D mk3
  • 16-35mm f2.8L and 85mm f1.2L Canon lenses
  • 2 flashguns (580EXII Canon)
  • Umbrella and portable soft-box
  • One model
  • One assistan
  • One friend that made this location accessible
  • Plenty of wind