Triune – consisting in three in one. Trinity. Three pieces to make one. Mysterious? Its the name of short movie I did with Andrew Thomas Corbett.

TRIUNE is a project created by Andrew Thomas Corbett, hair stylist and creative director. It’s dark, weird, misunderstood perhaps? But for sure its complicated. TRI means well, 3. UNE means union. Union of Three. Double meaning. Andrew published his 3rd book about hair and design, hair stylizing concepts etc. Thats why he called it TRIUNE. Also, he got the idea and the name from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Inspiration also came to him from Canopic jars and rituals that were used to bury the dead.

When he was making this piece, I came along and filmed behind the scenes and conducted interview with him. In this interview he explained everything in details and the whole meaning and point of what he is doing. it was great to work with him again and to come to one of his photoshoot, where he was styling the hair and directing whole thing. In the video you can see final images as well.

Enjoy 🙂