Wacking Sequence by Lisa

Here comes the Lisa “Hooch Hooch” 🙂 Awesome wacking dancer in my 2nd series of Dance Sequence images. 🙂

I did this series ages ago, but never had enough time to sit down and edit all the photos till the end. However, I mobilised myself and edited all of them and put together simple composites of Lisa dancing. It was quite cold day, but full of fun. So, Lisa does hip hop, wacking, contemporary dance if I can remember correctly? And possibly few more things as she is super active. One of the most important things on the agenda for her is Kilimanjaro Climb. Support here on her fundraising page here 😀

Techy bits:

  • Nikon D3s on tripod
  • 14-24mm f2.8G Nikon lens
  • 2 x SB-900 speedlights with small softboxes on them
  • overcast day, but sun was behind Lisa most of the time
  • plenty of trial and errors to get final few 🙂
  • lighting plan below will make it more clear