Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


All the best from me to you 🙂 Have a well deserved Christmas break with family and friends and crazy New Years celebrations. 🙂

Also, keep shooting, drawing, reading, writing, painting, editing, singing or whatever you do. Practice makes it perfect. So, keep doing your thing and hopefully 2013 will be better than 2012.

What is coming up on this blog from me in 2013? Lets see:

  • few blog posts from a show I did 2 months ago
  • motion graphics posts
  • older portrait sessions I did in 2011/2012
  • some more thoughts on current matters
  • videos from Freshers Week 2012 and few other videos from Brunel campus
  • tutorial page (excited much about it!)


Why I don’t post as events/photo sessions/video is finished? Because, sometimes I am too busy to write up a post or because I have to wait until event is over. Also, editing takes time and I prefer not to rush it. You want to see good quality content, not masses of random stuff 😀

Also, I am organising my archive and deeper I go, the more messy it gets. Now, I have a system how I store, rename images/video files. Before, it was few big Lightroom folders for example. Now, after opening them, I can see stuff that wasn’t published before, forgotten and stuff that needs organisation 🙂 Also, I prefer quality, not quantity. Thats why I spend time organizing my old work and selecting best images from series to share.

Wish list for 2013:

  • 2 x 240GB SSD drives
  • more CF flash cards
  • new MacBook Pro as current one has problems editing high resolution RAW files
  • proper lighting system (AlienBees or something similar)
  • 105mm L macro Canon lens
  • 24mm f1.4L II Canon lens
  • 35mm f1.4L Canon lens
  • 24mm f3.4L II Tilt Shift Canon lens
  • medium format Hassleblad/other film camera

As you can see my wish list is quite … hmmm …. Extensive? Expansive? Well, its just a wish list. There is no reason to have every single lens. One, max to would be a nice addition like macro and tilt shift one. But I really, really would like to have a medium format film camera. I have been researching medium format film for quite a while. Still, I have loads to learn about them, but I think 2013 would be a good year to buy 2nd hand medium format film 🙂


New Years Resolutions:

  • standard: eat healthy, exercise more
  • use Photoshop more often and learn new tricks/techniques with it
  • practice motion graphics with After Effects + 3D
  • catch up with old friends
  • get involved with charity more (MudRun Race anyone? 😀 )

See you in 2013 🙂