Dance Show 2012 Videos – Part 1


Dance Show. At Brunel. If you ever seen one, you know how good it is. If not, now you have a chance to see 2012 edition. Videos inside post 🙂

Every year Brunel Dance Club organises dance show. Its full of different styles and features all levels and individual dancers doing their routines. In 2012 I recorded the whole show with help from Dann Emmons, Oliver Teigaga, Kerreshea Miller and Nathan Strachan. I was operating one camera from a side while Dann was copying all the footage over onto the laptop, when card filled up. 2nd camera, wide and from the front angle, was operated by Oliver and Kerreshea.

The whole show was about 40 “pieces” long and I split it into individual sections, so you can watch acts one by one, share etc 🙂