Ballet Sequence by Rachel

Ballet is type of dance, that doesn’t require much lots of outfits or expensive dresses and still looks amazing. Performer can wear just lycra or some body fitting top + bottom and can do amazing performance. Just like the model I photographed for this project. 😀

Meet Rachel. She is awesome. She dances, does ballet, pointe, tap, gymnastics and who knows what else 😛 She is very experienced dancer at Brunel University with great skills and flexibility and it was pure pleasure to photograph her.

Everything went very smooth and pretty much required one take and it was done. Well, in this case 5+ photos in a sequence, stitched together, but still it was easy to capture, once you have a great performer 😀 Thanks Rachel for doing great job 😀

It was personal project/exercise and I did it last year. Now, once I found time to finish off editing and actually dig the photos out of my archive, I decided to share them.

Few quick portraits at the end of the shoot.

Techy bits:

  • Nikon D3s
  • 14-24mm f2.8G Nikon lens
  • 2 SB-900 flashguns triggered using wireless triggers
  • camera triggered using remote trigger (cable)
  • tripod to keep camera in one place

As you can see lighting wasn’t so difficult. 2 speedlights on each sides of camera. Camera on tripod. Lights triggered via wireless triger. Also, I triggered camera using cable, as it was faster and I didn’t had to worry about camera shake etc 🙂