Zombies @ Eurogamer 2012

Its Halloween time! Well, few days after, but everyone uploads photos of their costumes. You think your Dead Nurse outfit is good? Or “casual” zombie guy? Well, wait till you see costumes inside the post 🙂 NSFW

So, which game came out recenlty? Zombie style one? Well, about 3 or 4. But I am talking about Resident Evil. Game everyone was waiting for and loved or hated it. Hollywood even made like 4 or 5 movies out of it? Each one was simply worse than other, but special effects kept getting better.

Anyway, Silent Studios did amazing job at getting actors into zombie-mode to promote Resident Evil game at the Eurogamer 2012. The make up was amazing and actors stayed in their characters all the time. Even when I was talking with the zombies and posing them around, they didn’t say anything, but kept grouting and being all nasty etc. That is really high level of professionalism you would expect from the best. 🙂