Mortal Kombat @ Eurogamer 2012

One of the best games of my childhood. Yep. I was playing it for hours and hours and I wasn’t even 12 😀 Its like a legend amongst games.

The game was simple. Just kill the other guy/girl/thing. Or get killed and smashed into pieces 😀 The best part was that the creators of the game were reusing characters. Simply, by having one guy with different colours, they would call him different names and give him different powers 🙂 Example? Sub Zero = Scorpion = Reptile. Difference? Only colours of their clothing and powers 😀

Anyway, enjoy the photos. 🙂

Actually, I am not sure if this is Mortal Kombat cosplay. I think it may be from Teken or other game/anime. But it fits in this set.