MCM Expo Oct 2012: Mass Effect Part 2

The biggest and most awesome shoot I ever did at expo. Pretty much 30 characters from same game, Bioware people on site hanging out with us and great atmosphere 🙂

So, it was pretty much end of Saturday, raining, windy, simply bleaghhh. But we still gathered together and did a shoot. We were supposed to take more group pictures, but because weather, we had to cancel 3 other ideas 🙁 However, we still managed to get really good outcome.

I am really proud of the individual portraits at the end. Everything went smoothly, everyone was posing and was happy, relaxed, stress free. Expo can be pretty hectic with kids running around and trying to get picture of you every 2 mins, rude people bumping into you on purpose or making stupid comments … But then, you get to hang out with like-minded people who have same interest as you and play same games as you do. And yeah, they are wearing armour from the same game as well 🙂 Thats, why it is worth coming to expo. Oh and cool photos as well 🙂

Enough talking, enjoy the pictures 😉 Tomorrow last post from MCM Expo featuring Iron Man group 😉

Coolest couple ever!