MCM Expo Oct 2012: Mass Effect Part 1

The post everyone was waiting for. Well, at lease people that took part in the shoot + their friends and family 😀 The massive Mass Effect shoot. 😀

Why part 1? Why split it into two posts since it is same game/franchise/theme? Because they look tottaly different. They feature same cosplayers, but in totally different settings and background. You will see it for yourself tomorrow 🙂

Anyway, I haven’t finished playing the game itself (shock) or even played it much. I really enjoy FPS muliplayers like BF3 (I am level 15 general, while I haven’t even finished single player mode), but I don’t tend to finish games back to back? Sometimes I try, but then move on to next title etc. But, back to this cosplay. I really enjoyed photographing it. The costumes were really good and well crafted. What amazes me is that from 1 game franchise you can have so many different characters. Some of them are more developed/defined than others, but still, all the possibilities for cosplay 😀

Enjoy the pics. Come back tomorrow for post no 2 and group photo of about 20+ cosplayers? 😀