MCM Expo Oct 2012: Iron Man

The grand finale. The last post everyone was waiting for. Iron Man inspired shoot. And it was quite a big one 🙂

So, first I photographed War Machine in Excel Building. He had this awesome costume with lights and plenty of details as well. Then I managed to bump into Masubi and Locust in the middle of the floor and we headed out to take some individual portraits and few group shots. I met Locus during Eurogamer Expo (he was this massive yellow Gears of War costume) and Masubi during MCM 2011 I think? Anyway, they are really cool couple that does amazing costumes 🙂 Now they teamed up with friends to deliver this Marvel inspired group of Iron Men: Predator, Captain America, Saber Tooth and Shocker from Spiderman.

It was a great shoot with help from my friend Dan and Kaz as they were VALs (Voice Activated Lightsands). Dan had to hold umbrella as it was very windy outside, while Kaz was hand holding flashgun for the back light.

Anyway, Expo was finished, full of amazing cosplays and great fun. I missed a lot of great costumes, while photographing others, but with gathering on such a large scale, it will always happen 🙂 Enjoy the images and see you in May.

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