MCM Expo Oct 2012: Corpse Bride

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride animated movie is a classic. I have seen it ages ago and was really surprised to see this cosplay at the expo. 🙂

Its always nice to see not-so-common-cosplay. Every year you see a huge number of blockbuster cosplay form latest movies such as Iron Man, Batman and Joker, Captain Jack Sparrow etc. These costumes are difficult to make and many people attempt to do it. But because there is so many of them, sometimes it is difficult to spot great ones 🙁

I really liked this cosplay with all the make up and details. It took her a while to get all the paint done evenly. Also, this could have been “unlucky” cosplayer. Basically, I took few photos of her inside the Excel Centre. Then later on that day, I bumped into her and we went outside to take some photos by the river. Everything went cool, we got some nice shots. Later on that day I realised I had photos from previous day on the card, which I already copied on my PC. So, I had plenty of “old” photos and few new ones. What I decided to do? Format card …. Yep, with new photos. I marked them as protected on camera, which supposed to prevent them from deleting. However, it didn’t protect photos from formatting.

I realised mistake immediately, and well had to put card away and wait till I got home to run data recovery software. It recovered all the photos without problem, but it was a bit nail biting exercise 😛

So, enjoy these “nearly lost” portraits 😀 Note to you and myself: never format cards if you didn’t copy images beforehand 🙂