MCM Expo 2012: First Round

MCM Expo. AnimeCon. Biggest cosplay event in London. Even better? Happens twice a year 😀 Here is first post from controlled madness.

So, Expo happened exactly 2 weeks ago. Well, maybe +/- day or two. Anyway, photos are ready and I am preparing posts as you read this. How was it? Great. Awesome. And super cold. I have been to every expo for the past 3? 4 years (except May 2012 one). All of them were a bit cold (October ones) or super hot (May ones) and anything in between. But this year I felt sorry for all the cosplayers being dragged around by photographers outside to take photos. It was really chilly with plenty of rain ever now and then.

Was it worth coming? Hell yeah! I spend a lot of time there and missed a lot of fabulous cosplays, But at the same time I took cool portraits of all the people I spotted. Here is first round of photos. More to come 🙂 Enjoy.

If you are reading this, then congratulations! You saw all the photos for today 🙂 More to come tomorrow and over the next few days. What I have to offer? Iron Man group, Assassin Creed group, Batman bad guys and more 🙂

1 thought on “MCM Expo 2012: First Round

  1. Hiya! Just seen these photos from the Expo, the photos you have of me are gorgeous! I’m the green spring sprite! I don’t suppose there’s any way I could have the full resolution of these? I’d love to print them off, they’re absolutely lovely. I mean if you want to stick a little watermark stamp in the corner or something that’d be fine, I just love these photos! Thank you so much for taking them! 🙂

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