Designer Corset Shoot

3 models, 2 make up artists, 1 corsets designer and me 🙂 All together in one really cool photoshoot during the summer. It was really difficult to put it together, but the result is awesome 😀

So, I wanted to create a bigger portrait session with more than just 1 model. Also, I wanted to have really good costumes on the shoot. After a while I managed to stumble upon Lyndsey Corsets page and was amazed how cool they were.

We started messaging each other to prepare whole thing. The main problem was distance as Lyndsey doesn’t live in London. We had to pick a date, when she will be visiting, which limited our options quite a bit.
However, day came in and we managed to get whole team together:

It was a great shoot and we had lots of fun. Check out images and at the end there is lighting diagram to show you how photos were done.

The whole team 🙂 From the left: NeonVelvet MUA, Safari, Lyndsey Corsets designer, Purple Girl, Marina and NaoMUA.

Lighting diagram:

As you can see I used 4 lights. One behind model with different coloured gel, that I changed with every outfit. 2 bare lights on both sides of the model for rim lighting (didn’t have any strip lights, so had to use bare strobes 🙁 ). Last thing was single, big (30″-40″) softobx on the right to the camera to lit up model’s body.

To get only the outline/silhuette shot, I switched off main light and took photo without it. Simples 🙂 Also, colourful background works mostly on grey/black backdrop. I used black one as it reflects lots of colour from lights, but at the same time absorbs a bit as well, so strobe was set to higher power to counter this.