BioShock @ Eurogamer Expo 2012

I think everyone heard about BioShock game. Currently, it is in 3rd instalment? 4th? Can’t remember as I am too busy editing and don’t have time to play games 😀

So, I got a press pass to Eurogamer Expo in London Earls Court exhibition centre. It was a great experience. I saw few new games not on the market yet, got to play some a bit, did interviews with game developers and little studios. Plus took few portraits of cosplayers present there (more posts incoming!).

Eurogamer Expo is much different than MCM Expo. First of all its much smaller, but still have hug crowd attending. Second, there is only a fraction of cosplay present at Eurogamer, when compared to MCM Expo. But it also means that people who attend this expo are more likely to dress up with better attention to details. their cosplay is really good and sophisticated as well 🙂

Below, you can see images of a couple I met there and took their portraits in scary BioShock costumes. Did you know, that BioShock is pretty much horror survival game? I thought it will be easy going adventure one. But then, dark things started to come out of the corners and I realised my mistake …

Enjoy 😀

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  1. Awesome pics That little sister is actually my little sister lol they all look awesome!!!

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