Adrenaline @ Excel Centre

If you like horse riding, equestrian or anything related with horses and circus, then this show was one not to be missed. Why? Hmmm …. fire + horses + riding horses standing + much more 😀I received press pass from EquiCirque that runs Adrenaline show a while ago during the summer and simply put the date in my diary for this event. Didn’t really think much about it, except location and what is it all about. To be honest I thought whole thing would be more like Equestrian competition, with jumping and showing off the skills in controlling horse.

What I saw was 100 times more exciting, unreal and simply amazing. All the performances were interesting, getting more and more amazing as they were going on. I rode a horse once or twice few years back. It was great feeling and scary at the same time. But these guys and girls were simply doing space science on advanced level 😀

See it for yourself 🙂