Zombie Apocalypse Infographics

Here is quick result from my Advanced Motion Graphics class at Brunel University.

Yep. I am back on campus. My blog was a bit quiet for the past few weeks as I had to deal with moving houses, signing up for university classes again, doing all the paperwork etc. Oh and I worked on few projects along the way and visited Eurogamer Expo as well (post about it is coming up).

Back to basics

So, I signed up myself for Advanced Motion Graphics class and first thing we have to do on our welcome day is to make something. 3hrs. 1 iMac. Mouse and keyboard. Thats it.

Well, obviously we could use internet, pen and pencil, sketches etc 🙂 But after 3hrs we had to show some kind of work in After Effects. Motion graphics, titles, animation, VFX. Anything  🙂 After few minutes of brainstorming, I decided to make quick inforgaphics on zombies. Because, why not?


The thing is that we had limited time for this, so I didn’t want to create something really complicated or too long. Couple of seconds of nice, clean animation. I decided to do infographics, as I could create everything myself and didn’t have to look too long for specific materials.

Simply, I picked font I liked, did outlines of characters in Illustrator and started animating.

Finishing touches

I wanted to keep whole thing simple and clean. Therefore I didn’t pick too many colours. Plain black and white, little gray for shade. To make it more interesting and happy, I added blue with vignette in corners 🙂

Oh and important thing, the animation itself. Well, you could keyframe it all the way you want. But what if you change something, then you have to correct whole thing again. Therefore I used expressions for bounce effect. This way I had to use about 4 keyframes for each object. Start of bounce, stop, then start and stop. Thats it. Simples.

You can get the expression yourself here, from Motion Graphics Exchange. Modify it to make it more quick or slower and it will work wonders.

The only thing I wish I could add to the animation was music and sound effects. However, I had no time, as 3 hrs were nearly up. It took bout 20min to render whole thing anyway! 🙁 Maybe next time 😀