Open Mic Night #1

Hello again 🙂 It is difficult to keep this blog up to date. Not because I have nothing to post or content is not good enough. Simply, there is too much going on all the time on my end 😀

Sadly, there is only 24hrs in a day and I need to sleep for like 3-4hrs. Sometimes more 😉 The rest is preoccupied with other stuff like university assignments, work, planning shoots, editing, eating, girlfriend time and more 🙂 So, sometimes or for some weeks, this blog is quite quiet. But I am working to change it and bring more content.

Anyway, I got hired by Union of Brunel Students and their Entertainment team to photograph weekly Open Mic Nights. What’s Open Mic Night? Event organized by UBS with Live Music Society, where you can come in and listen to live music on Sunday nights. Anyone can play, sing, perform, act, do a stand up comedy or poetry piece. Anything goes as long as we have enough space on the stage.

During most of the nights, there is about 5 or more acts preforming. I will be uploading photos from each night, so you can see how cool it is and maybe visit us next week 🙂