Things to do in your Freshers Year

Things that are stupid/fun/adventurous or simply your first year exploration of university and its culture. Find out what things you should try to do in your first year of university. Or what you missed on if you are already finished your uni adventure 😀

So, lets assume that you went to university. Finished it, passed and graduated. Now you have a job (keep assuming things!) and you met with your colleagues/friends over coffee and cookies and started talking about ’em old days at uni’.

Things you did and wish that you did. What happens next? If you are from same university as your friends, you did many similar things, even if you didn’t know each other before. Example: oversleeping morning lecture, because of a party the night before. Joining many clubs and societies and only attending 1-2 at the end. List is endless.

This video takes all those things together and put into simple challenge list/things-to-do for all the freshers around. It was filmed around Brunel Campus, so few suggestions won’t apply to other universities. But the rest can be done e.g. walking around in PJs 😀

I filmed this video during FACE 2012 week in May. It was nice and sunny, plenty of live music and everyone was merry and happy 😀 Shame I didn’t had the lapel microphone, so sound would have been much better. Next time it will be better. 😀 Many thanks to Rich Fowles for compositing music for the video. Check out his website here. He teaches guitar and music, so message him up if you want to learn how to play an instrument 😀

Enjoy the video.

Technical bits:

  • 5D mkIII
  • 50mm f1.2L Canon lens
  • RODE Video Mic Pro
  • Manfrotto tripod (used as monopod)
  • After Effects for simple titles + slight vignette
  • Premiere Pro for cutting and editing
  • More Premiere for aligning sound effects (piano ping!) and music
  • Plenty of coffee as I had to rearrange few things here and there 😀