Pinky Alternative Shoot

Say hello to Pinky the Model 🙂 It was a shoot that took some time ago and well it was unconventional fun 🙂

Why it was different? Well, lets start from beginning. Here is the list of people that took part in this shoot:

So, I contacted Pinky about having a shoot together. She helped to decide on idea of alternative style, colourful theme. Also, she gathered all the outfits and cool rabit ears iPhone case 😀 As time went on, we managed to scout Aryan as our Hair Stylist. And finally Caroline joined us to do make up. She did excellent job on getting the right look, while Aryan styled the hair perfectly.
The last thing was to photograph model. Yeah ….. while everything was under way of being finalized, I was stuck on the Tube couple of stops away.
Luckly, everything started to move and soon I was out on the street and managed to get to location (Pinky’s university halls) with plenty of time to spare to set up.
Here are the images and lighting plan is at the end of the post.

The whole thing was done in the university hall’s kitchen. Yes, kitchen. We used a bedsheet taped over the wall with gaffer tape. Below is lighting diagram that will explain simple lighting.

As you can see it was simple. One light (SB-900) in portable softbox, close to the model. Model was very close to the background, because bedsheet was not long enough to stretch on the floor. Also, thats why you have a harsh shadow on the wall. We were thinking about shooting outside, but it was raining all the time, on and off, so we didn’t want to risk it. And it did rain on the day :/ Also, I was as far as I could manage within the room. Thats why the camera (D3s + 50mm and 85mm) is so far away on the diagram.

Also, the final feel of the image was supposed to be vintage, old, grainy. I used photoshop to create vignettes, grain, color offsets and tints etc. The final touch on some of the images was fake depth of field. It was simply a mask with lens blur applied to it. This gave a bit of edge to the images. It was fun to shoot and edit the images. Especially, when you have such a great team. 🙂