MMTD and BMTD Final Year Portraits

Say what? MMtdbm BMt… Confused? Well, its pretty easy once you get used to it. Let me explain it to you in this post 🙂

So, MMTD stands for Multimedia Technology and Design. BMTD is Broadcast Media Technology and Design. Pretty long, but its a name of Brunel University courses. First one is more focused on coding and web, apps and stuff like that. Second one on motion graphics, video production, editing, compositing etc. Pretty simples.

Anyway, I have been asked to take final year portraits of all the students on the course (around 90 of them). So, it was a lot of people to go through and limited time. Whole thing took 2 days to do photograph. Also, it took place during exam times as that was pretty much only time everyone would be on campus on the same day. Some people had to travel from far, so it made sense to do it on the day.

It was a great session. However, my flashgun trigger didn’t work as expected on first day. It fired once every 5-8 photos at a time 🙁 I used a cable to trigger the flashgun and that wasn’t 100% reliable. So the second day I brought my flash triggers and it was super quick and easy this time.

Whole concept was to photograph students in their “natural environment”. In the empty lab with all the Mac’s around and spot lights to give a bit of lens flare. It was first time I did something on such a big scale like this shoot. I mean I shoot lots of big groups before, but this time I had a client, that I had to pitch the idea, location, dates, approximate date for delivery of images etc.

Enjoy the photos.

And here is lighting plan:

It was done with one big flash gun (Bowens) on right hand side of camera and 3 Dedo Lights. One directly on the left of camera in line with a model. Remaining 2 were at the very back giving a rim light and little lens flares.

The shoot itself was very busy. I couldn’t have done it without assistance. Many thanks to Dann Emmons for assisting and being super-fast-data-operator-magic person 🙂 Check out his blog here.