MMTD and BMTD Final Projects Expo 2012

MMTD and BMTD things again 🙂 I guess in few more posts you will get used to it, like I did. Anyway, here are the photos from the showcase of final year projects in 2012.

So, every year Design and Engineering School at Brunel organises in-house exposition to show everyone’s final year projects. Its interesting, because you can see everyone’s projects in one place. The best, good and the over ambitious ones as well. Plus quite a few people from industry gets invited, like Hasbro or Disney etc. So, there is a chance to talk with potential employers. Plus this year there were prizes as well for the best app, website, new idea and stuff like that.


It was interesting exhibition. 2nd years were invited as well to talk to soon-to-be graduates about their ideas. Seek advice? Help? 😀 Also, in the background you can see photos on the stands from previous year, which I took 🙂 I think I have to open up my archive and upload few to this blog as there were few interesting ones as well 😀

Interesting thing is that it was first time I used my 5D mk III on assignment like this one. I think it was 3rd or 4th time of using the camera at all. I was still getting around it with menu and button layouts + how the lenses would perform. It was good experience and puzzling at times as well.