Mister Dee Photoshoot

I photographed quite a few different clothes designs by Mister Dee Designs a while ago. Sometime in April 🙂 But, because it was on my back log, I forgot to post it for a while. So here are the photos.

It was a shoot in East London for a company aimed at middle-aged women like teachers or administration workers that wants to dress smart, but not revealing. Conservative, you can say, I guess?

The designer was Gina and she is a model too. Here is her portfolio. Also, both models had the same name: Jasmin. Here is portfolio from Jasmin in green outfit above. I don’t have link to Yasmin no.2 🙁

Anyway, it was done in showroom and interesting thing is that I used a white sheet of material as a background. It was stretched across the wall and onto the floor using pins. I lit it with 3 flashguns. 2 behind the models in portable softboxes to lit the background and one flashgun in umbrella to light the models. There is a light diagram at the end of the post.

And here is Gina a.k.a. Mister Dee 🙂 Many thanks for great hospitality and all the pizza. It was spicy, but good 🙂

Lighting diagram was done on iPhone Strobox App. I will have to work on higher resolution ones in the future. Or maybe tweak settings? We will see 🙂