Hackney Pirates: Kids Interviews

Here is a quick and fun interview with kids from Hackney Pirates. Jump into the post for more info ­čÖéSo, a while ago I got tasked by HixMedia┬á┬áto record few interviews for The Founding Network 1oth┬áAnniversary┬áVideo. So, I went to the Hackney Pirates to do the interviews and record few videos of┬áactivities┬áthat happened on the day.

What are the Hackney Pirates? Well, video will explain it much better than I will. But its simply a school after school with added massive creative boost. Kids attend it and they get help with their homework for first part of the workshop. Then, during second one, they do lots of activities. Example?

  • music video
  • computer game
  • writing poetry
  • custom made t-shirts
  • cards and more
All run by volunteers and executed by kids ­čÖé Visit website for more info as its very┬áinteresting.

The Video:

Technical bits:

  • 5d mk III
  • 50mm 1.2L Canon lens
  • RODE Stereo Mic Pro
  • cut and edited in Premiere Pro
  • animations in After Effects
  • music in Logic ­čÖé
Many thanks to Rich Fowles for composing the music. see his website here.