Black Sheep Design Fashion Range

3 models, 1 make up artist and 1 designer. Suitcase full of clothes (big suitcase!) and one afternoon to photograph it all. Jump in to see results. 🙂

So, I wanted to photograph some fashion, custom made clothes. I wanted to get more experience in this field, shoot more models, deal with designer, make up artists. Ever hear of, if you ask loud enough, you will get it? Well, now you did. After some scouting and “shouting” on ModelMayhem, I got in touch with BlackSheepDesigns. After few emails we arranged the date, while I booked the studio and everything was ready 🙂

BlackSheepDesigns specializes in vintage/funky/retro clothing for women. So, we went for retro look with lots of make up. Cat’s (designer) make up artist did great job in styling the hair for that 🙂

The models that took part were Cassandra, Charly and Sarah and did a great job with changing outfits and helping to run everything smoothly. Thanks girls for all the hard work. Here are the pictures.

My favourite outfit was the golden dress as you can see above. It just sparkled in studio 🙂

And here is the whole team. From left: make up artist, Cassandra, Sarah, Cat and Charly

Here is lighting diagram:

Lighting was pretty simple, but I had to improvise. So, 3 strobes – 1 in softbox. Camera used was Nikon D3s with 85mm prime (yum lens! 😀 ) I put 2 strobes slightly behind the model at and angle to give her rim lights. Unfortunately, I didn’t have strip boxes or anything like that, so had to use DIY diffusion panels to prevent spill of light on the background. And background was just a massive lastolite turned front-to-back i.e. I used a black side to get plain black background 🙂

Simples. Hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned for more posts.