Roberta Graduation and Family Snaps

Meet Roberta. And her Mum and Dad 🙂 On the day of her graduation. 🙂

I saw Roberta after she collected her diploma with her family. We used to live in the same block of halls in my first year at university. And now she graduated. I have one more year to go, but time went so quickly already.

Anyway, here is a quick photo session of her and her family. They were such a nice and kind people, even when they saw me for the first time. Holding big camera. And even bigger lens 🙂

And here is one more “serious” photo of Roberta and family. 🙂

The graduation week was great and full of sunshine and smiles 🙂 More photos to come 🙂

  • Michele

    You do amazing work.thanks.Michele(Robertas mum)