Olympic Torch @ Brunel University Campus

The flame came and went through Brunel on the way to Olympic Stadium. And that was one busy day!

As you can see below, there was plenty of sun (really hot!), plenty of people on campus, statue came to live 😀 ,but Police and security did great job at organising everyone. Firm, but not rude or unnecessary annoying. Well, everyone was excited. Especially Coca Cola with all the logo/brand placements on everyone’s images. But I did enjoy free limited edition Coca Cola bottle (aluminium and I guess produced in like at least 200 000 batch job?). Also, make sure you click on images to see them in bigger size as downscaling distorts them quite a bit 🙁

Why campus was exceptionally busy that day? Because it was graduation week with hundreds of students graduation (under and post grads) + plus Olympic torch was going through campus as well. And I had graduation portraits scheduled on that day too 🙂

And here you can see Brunel Statue waving and the Flame itself and its real thing 🙂 So, after Katy B run past me and others spectators (I took like 20min of waiting and 45sec of show), I run to the other side of the Quad and Lecture Centre to photograph 2nd Torch Bearer.

And here is Mark Ronson and he is gone. It was quick 10sec run past the crowds and the show was finished. BTW, I didn’t know who they were, so had to Google it. Here is info about Mark Ronson, a DJ. And Katy B, singer.

Also, that wasn’t the only event on campus. Another was graduation and it had quite a few things going on as well. For example 2 different bands (one made of the actual lecturers/dean of University). Also, Beijing and London torches were displayed on campus as well 🙂 Enjoy the images below.

And that was about it. 🙂 Or maybe all of that? Coca Cola bus, free cold! drinks, live bands and rocking lecturers, 2 music stars, Olympic torches all over the place and plenty of sunshine 🙂 Really busy day @ Brunel campus.

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