MIA – Missing In Action

For a while it has been really quiet here on the blog. Not because I was not doing anything or simply tanning in the sun. 🙂 It was a busy month and this post hopefully will explain whats up 🙂

So what I have been up to in the beautiful month of July and a bit of August?

  • photoshoot with model Pinky
  • photoshoot with Black Sheep Design clothes
  • photoshoot with Mister Dee
  • photoshoot with corests designed by Lyndsey Clark
  • a one last minute booking weeding to shoot
  • graduation portraits of Natalie, Mariana, Emma, Theo, Ian and Belvin
  • photographing Olympic Torch going through campus
  • some candid shots of graduates on Brunel Campus
  • editing video footage from FACE week at Brunel
  • “Things to do before you finish your fresher’s year” short interview-based movie coming out
  • filming 4 different charities: Paiwand, Hackney Pirates, Choir with No Name and The Food Cycle
  • filming build up of Made in Brunel 2012 and exhibition itself, which is now on Vimeo here and here
  • filming behind the scenes and interviews for Andrew Thomas Corbett new iBook, where he creates amazing looks with hair
  • animating George Akkad’s portfolio made up from different images of his hair designs and shows he took part
  • lets not forget 12h marathon video shoot of Buck’s Acoustic Festival with Chris Oakley and his brother done with 3 different cameras
  • and also a fake Coca Cola ad filmed with Daniel Barker (no link, as Daniel didn’t upload it to Vimeo yet -.-)

Also, because of all this filming I had to reorganize my HDD space as Buck’s Festival footage is “only” 250GB alone 🙂 After a while, everything adds up. Every single RAW or .MOV  file 🙂

Oh and also I had to move houses in between 😛 Fun, fun, fun … Not 🙁 Anyway, lots of stuff been happening, I did not have time to post everything up. It was the case of “I will post if next week.” Then week later: “Wow, no time to think. Have to run to video shoot.” But now I have some time and will try to update everything and upload 🙂

Thanks for reading and looking at my work. All the comments are much appreciated.

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