Instagram photos with Canon 5D mk III

Love Instagram? Love all the filters and square photos that come out of it? Use your iPhone/Galaxy/HTC/Android based phone to take photos and then “instagram” them later? Well, now you can do that with modern DSLR.

So, I have been MIA (Missing In Action) for the past month or two i.e. not many updates on my blog, some tweets, some Facebook page photos. Simply, radio silence. Why? Well, been busy with many things like filming videos for different organisations or doing portraits etc. Full MIA explaining post will come soon 🙂

Anyway, a while ago (2-3 months ago?) I saw this post on Planet5D blog. It shows photos of photographer/videographer that mounted old folding camera onto 5D mk II body. Crazy is it? Well, I got curious and started researching. I found more about his modification here and his full blog (which is awesome, so check it out). Also, there are plenty of more posts on the web, so if you are curious, start digging.

Whats the idea then? Find old lens on eBay from 1980s, 70s, 60s, 50s or even older and make it work on 5D or modern DSLR. Impossible? Nope. Its quite simple. Kind of. You need either adapter or make yourself one or in my case hold your lens in front of camera. Yes, you can take photos without attaching lens to camera. It has many limitations and faults, but it makes your photos unique. And more difficult to take too. 🙂

Here are some photos from the test I did today on my desk.

Packet of crisps.

Window with volumetric light.

Glasses on keyboard.

Macbook, wallet and other stuff on messy desk.

Canon 50mm f1.2L lens.

Window blinds and photo frames.

Empty pack of crisps.

So, as you can see it works. The problems that I notices are plenty of light leeks (as expected when lens is smaller than mount it supposed to fit). Also, its difficult to focus. If I hold lens correct way i.e. front element facing front, it has to be very close to sensor. Now thats a problem, because mirror inside camera cannot rise up and hits the lens itelf (it can break, which costs a lot to fix). But it can be focused by holding “other way around”? So, back element is facing front. However, this makes lens turn into fake macro lens. Here are some samples of that phenomenon.

Mountain Troll from Lord of the Rings

And here is a half body shot of Trolls posture and armour

I am really surprised by results that this lens produced. I am actually surprised that it worked at all. Images are not perfect. They are not as sharp as they could be and difficult to control light. And to feed your curiosity, here is photo of this little bad boy:

Jupiter-8M lens with Canon standart 72mm lens cover.

Jupiter-8M 53mm f2 lens. M40 mount. Taken with 50mm f1.2L lens 🙂

Jupiter-8M lens with Canon standart 72mm lens cover and Mountain Troll on the left.

BTW the height of Mountain Troll is nearly 7cm (or nearly 3inch for everyone who counts in imperial units). More experiments and photos and hopefully videos to come 🙂