Emma’s Graduation Portraits

Here are the photos of Emma’s graduation. Few portraits. With her and her family and boyfriend. Plus few of her boyfriend, when Emma was busy fixing her graduation robes 😀

It was great session. The last one from all the series. Last portraits on last day of the week. It was more relaxed and informal session you could say. She was too nervous about how it will look like and with family and how we will coordinate everything, but it lasted only a short while 🙂

Also, she was the only client from Brunel (except my girlfriend of course 😛 ) that I handed in portraits personally. I met Emma and her boyfriend at Cafe Rococo on campus for a quick chat and I handed over the CD with a print to her. Simply said she was positively amazed and surprised about whole thing. I will post images of actual CDs and prints some other day. In the meanwhile, enjoy the photos 🙂