Craig’s Graduation Portraits

Here are portraits of Craig. One of my best buddies from university. It was a blast to photograph him and his family. 😀

First time I met Craig it was when I moved into my university halls. He moved in to room next to mine. Also, he did similar course to mine, Broadcast Media, while I did Multimedia (in 2nd year I switched to Broadcast Media). We had a huge amount of fun and adventures? Like the time when it was Craig’s birthday and we had to dress up in anything beginning with letter “C”. I was a Cow 😀

Now, 3 years are gone. We grew up, a bit apart as we no longer shared same hall and well it was time for Craig to leave university, while I have another year to finish. 🙂 Congratulations on getting 1st with your final year project and thanks for being best buddy ever. Also, many thanks to his parents for being so warm and welcome 🙂 Oh, and here is Craig’s portfolio. Have a look and if you are around Dorset, stop by and say “hi” to him 😀

Enjoy the images.